QT4CG Meeting 001 Agenda 2022-09-06


This meeting will be hosted on Zoom at 16:00BST (15:00GMT, 17:00CEST, 11:00EDT).

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1. Administrivia

1.1. Roll call

1.2. Appoint chair and scribe for meeting

1.3. Hello and welcome

1.3.1. Review of where we are

  • W3C Community group, https://www.w3.org/community/xslt-40/

    Note: The official name of the group is the XSLT Extensions Community Group but it’s become common to refer to it as “QT4” because many of us used to refer to the XQuery/XSLT work as “qt”. Our aims are wider than just XSLT extensions, but for organizational reasons, it might be simplest not to attempt to change the name at the present time.

  • GitHub organization, https://github.com/qt4cg/
  • Website, https://qt4cg.org/

1.4. Process and plan

  • Weekly telcons
  • drafts published at qt4cg.org via automation on the GitHub repository.

The current charter for the CG is a bit out-of-date. We might wish to adopt something more up-to-date and concrete.

1.5. Appointment of permanent chair and editor

2. Technical Agenda

3. Any other business