QT4CG Meeting Logistics

This page attempts to provide orientation and logistical details for the QT4 CG.

Weekly meetings

The QT4CG meets weekly via teleconference on Tuesdays, usually for one hour. The meeting occurs on UK/European civil time at 16:00 UK/17:00 Europe.

If you wish to participate by telephone, Zoom publishes a list of local access numbers.

Some participants find it useful to have a back channel for sharing links, code snippets, and other things that work better in text. The #xpath-ng chanel on the XML.com Slack is suggested.

Agendas and Minutes

The agendas and minutes are posted online. Agendas are published at least 24 hours before the meeting, minutes as soon after the meeting as practical.


W3C Community group page

This page provides links to the mailing list archives and instructions for subscribing (and unsubscribing) from the list.

Note: The official name of the group is the XSLT Extensions Community Group but it’s become common to refer to it as “QT4” because many of us used to refer to the XQuery/XSLT work as “qt”. Our aims are wider than just XSLT extensions, but for organizational reasons, it might be simplest not to attempt to change the name at the present time.

GitHub organization

This page provides links to the GitHub repositories where the specifications, test suites, and other resources are maintained.


This page links to various formatted versions of the specifications and other, ancillary resources. Much of the content is published automatically by updates to the GitHub repositories.