QT4 CG Meeting 010 Agenda 2022-11-08


This meeting will be hosted on Zoom at 16:00GMT (17:00CET, 11:00EST).

See the meeting logistics page for details.

Reminder: several regular members of the CG will be attending Declarative Amsterdam on 8 November. This meeting will focus on XSLT issues.

1. Administrivia

1.1. Roll call

Regrets BTW, NW, JL, and CG. MSM to chair.

1.2. Select a scribe

1.3. Accept the agenda

1.4. Next meeting

Regrets for the next meeting?

1.5. Approve minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting.

1.6. Review of open action items [2/6]

(Items marked [X] are believed to have been closed via email before this agenda was posted.)

  • [ ] QT4CG-002-10: BTW to coordinate some ideas about improving diversity in the group
  • [ ] QT4CG-007-05: NW to make an issue for Martin’s proposed ammendment to map:build
  • [ ] QT4CG-009-01: NW to coordinate with MK on an agenda for next week.
  • [ ] QT4CG-009-02: NW to work with MK to make sure PR #197 is updated correctly
  • [ ] QT4CG-009-03: NW to investigate the relationship between PR #215 and resolve-uri.
  • [ ] QT4CG-009-04: NW to review RFC 3896 wrt relative URIs
  • [ ] QT4CG-009-05: NW to fix the return type for parse-uri; consider using a record type.
  • [ ] QT4CG-009-06: NW to add error tests for parse-uri.
  • [ ] QT4CG-009-06: NW to make the query segments an array of maps.

2. Technical Agenda

2.1. Extensions to conditional instructions

Approve extensions to conditional instructions described in chapter 8 of the current draft.

  1. xsl:if: @then and @else attributes
  2. xsl:when and xsl:otherwise: @select attribute
  3. xsl:switch instruction

2.2. Changes to modes

Review changes to modes in §6.7:

  1. as attribute (detail is in §6.7.4)
  2. enclosed modes (detail is in §6.7.5)

2.3. Review array construction

See §22.1.

MK says:

I don't think the text here is ready for approval; it needs open discussion of the technical issues to make progress. The key question is, what kind of value should xsl:array-member produce? This also relates to how we iterate over arrays and maps.

3. Any other business