QT4 CG Meeting 016 Agenda 2022-12-20


This meeting will be hosted on Zoom at 16:00GMT (17:00CET, 11:00EST).

See the meeting logistics page for details.

1. Administrivia

1.1. Roll call

1.2. Approve the agenda

1.3. Next meeting

Regrets for the next meeting?

Reminder, the CG Will not meet on 27 December or 3 January.

1.4. Approve minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting.

1.5. Review of open action items [2/4]

(Items marked [X] are believed to have been closed via email before this agenda was posted.)

  • [ ] QT4CG-002-10: BTW to coordinate some ideas about improving diversity in the group
  • [ ] QT4CG-014-01: MK to propose new try-get functions for arrays, maps, and (maybe) sequences
  • [ ] QT4CG-015-01: MK to change the name of the argument to array:index-where from $input to $array
  • [ ] QT4CG-015-02: NW to improve the width of the diagrams, perhaps multiple views
  • [ ] QT4CG-015-03: NW to make sure the direction of the arrow is in the legend
  • [ ] QT4CG-015-04: NW to investigate of a dynamic presentation is practical
  • [ ] QT4CG-015-05: MK to raise a PR to resolve issue #107, self::(a|b|c)

2. Technical Agenda

2.1. Issue #281

We had some discussion of #281 last week, but no resolution.

2.2. Issue #170, XPath “otherwise” operator

MK proposes that this issue may be ready to be decided.

At the meeting last week, no one present could recall why this issue had been postponed.

2.3. Review pull request #259: parse-html (issue #74)

2.4. Review pull request #261: fn:char (issue #121)

2.5. Review pull request #284: Grammar for if-then w/o else

2.6. XPath 4.0 functions

2.6.1. fn:duplicate-values

2.6.5. fn:differences

Editorially, this function is not ready for approval. We should decide if we want to pursue it, and if we do, how.

2.6.10. map:entries

2.6.14. fn:parts

  • See ???

2.6.15. fn:convert-to/from-EQName

2.6.16. fn:parse-html

2.6.17. fn:split-by-graphemes

2.6.18. fn:until

2.6.19. fn:nl, fn:cr, fn:tab

2.6.20. fn:deep-normalize-space

2.6.21. fn:parcel, fn:unparcel, array:from-members/of, array:members/parcels

2.6.22. array:values, map:values

3. Any other business

Happy holidays, everyone!