QT4 CG Meeting 035 Agenda 2023-05-23


This meeting will be hosted on Zoom at 16:00BST (17:00CEST, 11:00EDT, 08:00PDT).

See the meeting logistics page for details.

1. Administrivia

1.1. Roll call

1.2. Approve the agenda

1.3. Approve minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting.

1.4. Next meeting

This meeting is planned for 23 May, the following meeting is scheduled for 30 May.

Any regrets for the following meeting?

1.5. Review of open action items [1/12]

(Items marked [X] are believed to have been closed via email before this agenda was posted.)

  • [ ] QT4CG-002-10: BTW to coordinate some ideas about improving diversity in the group
  • [ ] QT4CG-016-08: RD to clarify how namespace comparisons are performed.
  • [ ] QT4CG-026-01: MK to write a summary paper that outlines the decisions we need to make on “value sequences”
    • This is related to PR #368: Issue 129 - Context item generalized to context value and subsequent discussion.
  • [ ] QT4CG-029-01: RD+DN to draft spec prose for the “divide and conquer” approach outlined in issue #399
  • [ ] QT4CG-029-07: NW to open the next discussion of #397 with a demo from DN See PR #449
  • [ ] QT4CG-034-01: CG to add exception for date-time types to deep-equal
  • [ ] QT4CG-034-02: NW to check ExprSingle on PR #447 before merging this PR.
  • [ ] QT4CG-034-03: NW to check why the diff for PR #447 is off the wrong base

1.6. Review of open pull requests

The following PRs are open but have merge conflicts or comments which suggest they aren’t ready for action.

  • PR #491: Fix more examples in the FO 4.0 spec

The following substantive PRs were open when this agenda was prepared.

  • PR #512: 256: Context for default function parameter expressions
  • PR #470: 369 add fixed-prefixes attribute in XSLT
  • PR #412: 409, QT4CG-027-01: xsl:next-match
  • PR #396: 333: Deep-equal, no failure when comparing functions
  • PR #368: 129: Context item generalized to context value

2. Technical Agenda

2.1. Issue #504: Merge map:keys and map:keys-where

Assuming we agree to merge them, then:

2.1.1. PR #515: 504: Merge map:keys and map:keys-where

2.2. PR #470: 369 add fixed-prefixes attribute in XSLT

2.3. PR #396: 333: Deep-equal, no failure when comparing functions

2.4. Issue #480: Allow type promotion of xs:string to xs:anyURI

2.5. Issue #414: Lift character set restriction of xs:string

3. Any other business