QT4 CG Editor’s Meeting Minutes 2024-03-26

Table of Contents

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Draft Minutes

1. Administrivia

1.1. Roll call [6/6]

  • [X] Christian Grün (CG)
  • [X] Joel Kalvesmaki (JK)
  • [X] Michael Kay (MK)
  • [X] John Lumley (JLY)
  • [X] C. M. Sperberg-McQueen (MSM)
  • [X] Norm Tovey-Walsh (NW). Scribe. Chair.

This meeting was as much discussion as anything else. The scribe has attempted to record actions and salient points, but not all of the discussion.

1.2. Construct an agenda

After some initial discussion, we move on to reviewing some aspects of the test suite.

1.3. Review of the test suite

MK reviews what’s in the test suite repository.

The directories:

  • app - a collection of “application” tests derived from real world queries
    • Also contains examples that come from the specification
    • fo-spec-examples.xml is generated from the spec
    • CatalogCheck.xml is introspective, it checks the integrity of the test suite metadata
  • array - collections of tests
    • One test-set file for each function in the relevant namespace
  • docs - a collection of source documents used across test sets
    • Environments point to source documents by relative URI.
  • drivers - Test drivers published by vendors
    • NW offers to help JK get the Saxon test suite running
    • CG offers to update the readme for the BaseX test driver
    • XSLT version exists for SaxonJS, maybe publish here?
  • fn - collections of tests
  • guide - obsolete documentation
    • How to submit new tests
    • How to run tests
    • How to report test suite results
    • Lots of good information in here, but not fully up-to-date; hard to say what effort would be required to polish it.
  • map - collections of tests
  • math - collections of tests
  • misc - collections of tests
  • op - collections of tests
  • prod - collections of tests
  • reports - output of a program to analyze to
    • Perhaps remove it?
  • results -
    • Raw data for the reports
    • Perhaps remove it?
  • ser - collections of tests
  • tools - a mixed bag of things, including stylesheets that have historically been used to convert tests from other formats.
  • upd - collections of tests
    • These have now been integrated into the main XQuery test suite
  • viewer - Interactive browsing of the test suite
    • JL to see if he can get it working again
  • xs - collections of tests

The files:

  • Overview.html & README.md, should be reconciled
    • NW proposes that the HTML should be folded into README.md and then removed.
    • JK agrees to attempt to reconcile them.
  • changes.xml - used to track completeness of the test suite wrt the spec
    • We’re moving in the direction of tagging tests directly against the PR they implement
    • Every new 4.0 test should have a covers-40 attribute
      • Used to be a name that pointed into changes.xml
      • Now moving towards using PR numbers changes-40="PR306".
      • Can get rid of changes.xml after all the tests haver been tagged.

More notes

  • JK: I added some Oxygen configuration to run transformations and Schematron tests
    • Add a Schematron file that warns of duplicate tests
    • I’d also like a desiderata with ~desideratum~s that identify tests that haven’t been written but should be.
  • NW: We have PRs marked “tests needed”, that’s where I’d look
  • MSM: Tagging the PR or raising an issue would be enough, I think.

The grammar.xml could be simplified so that it only contains the 4.0 grammar. The other versions are available elsewhere and are probably not correct here anymore.

2. Any other business

None heard.

3. Adjourned