QT4 CG Meeting 044 Agenda 2023-09-05

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This meeting will be hosted on Zoom at 16:00BST (17:00CEST, 11:00EDT, 08:00PDT).

See the meeting logistics page for details.

1. Administrivia

1.1. Roll call

1.2. Approve the agenda

1.3. Approve minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting.

1.4. Next meeting

This meeting is planned for 05 September, the following meeting is scheduled for 12 September.

Any regrets for the following meeting?

1.5. Review of open action items [0/5]

(Items marked [X] are believed to have been closed via email before this agenda was posted.)

  • [ ] QT4CG-002-10: BTW to coordinate some ideas about improving diversity in the group
  • [ ] QT4CG-016-08: RD to clarify how namespace comparisons are performed.
  • [ ] QT4CG-026-01: MK to write a summary paper that outlines the decisions we need to make on “value sequences”
    • This is related to PR #368: Issue 129 - Context item generalized to context value and subsequent discussion.
  • [ ] QT4CG-029-07: NW to open the next discussion of #397 with a demo from DN See PR #449
  • [ ] QT4CG-039-01: NW to schedule discussion of issue #52, Allow record(*) based RecordTests
  • [ ] QT4CG-042-01: NW to use sequences instead of arrays in parse-uri output.
  • [ ] QT4CG-042-02: NW to make the query into a simple map with repeated values.
  • [ ] QT4CG-042-03: NW to consider revisions to query parses.

1.6. Review of open pull requests and issues

See technical agenda below.

2. Technical Agenda

Following our vacation, the chairs propose that we begin by triaging the open PRs and issues. The chairs hope to time-box this to about 40 minutes so that there’s time at the end of the call to discuss future planning more broadly.

2.1. Review of open PRs

  1. Are they editorial, can we merge them without discussion?
    • Do they have merge conflicts that need to be resolved?
  2. Are they substantive, complete, and ready for discussion?
  3. Are they substantive but incomplete?

Open PRs as of Monday:

  • PR #664: 663 xsl:original keywords
  • PR #659: 647: schema location hints
  • PR #650: 649: fix an xsl:fallback problem
  • PR #640: 601: fn:all → fn:every?
  • PR #635: 451: Schema compatibility
  • PR #633: Edits ch. 4.1 through 4.15
  • PR #631: 600: fn:decode-from-uri
  • PR #623: 93: sort descending
  • PR #619: XDM ch. 6 minor edits
  • PR #599: 90: Simplified stylesheets with no xsl:version
  • PR #538: Attempt to allow xs:string to be 'promoted to' xs:anyURI
  • PR #529: 528: revision of json(), and renaming to xdm-to-json()
  • PR #470: 369 add fixed-prefixes attribute in XSLT
  • PR #412: 409, QT4CG-027-01: xsl:next-match
  • PR #368: 129: Context item generalized to context value

2.2. Review of open issues

Taking a “strike while the iron is hot” approach, are there any issues currently being actively discussed in email or comments that would benefit from meeting time?

2.3. Broader planning

We’ve been working for about a year (44 meetings in just one day shy of a calendar year). Do we continue as we have been, or is it time to begin to attempt to exert pressure to draw things to a close?

Working groups can continue indefinitely, but the community isn’t well served by specifications that are never delivered. At some point, the group has to decide that it’s time to draw a boundary around the work that’s proposed and accept that some items currently being considered will have to be deferred until the next version.

Are we aiming to publish 4.0 in 2025 or 2030 or 2035?

3. Any other business